Canopus Yaiba II Groove kit in 'Dark Red Sparkle'

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Alleen deze maand van € 1299,- nu voor maar € 999,-!

Prachtige Canopus Yaiba II Groove kit.

Gelakte berken shell set, werkelijk als nieuw!

En in het echt nog mooier!

BD: 22"x18"

TT: 12"x8"

TT: 10"x8"

FT: 16"x16"

Canopus YAIBA II Groove kit features:

* All birch shells

* Made in Japan

* RIMS Suspension mount on toms

* 2,3mm Chrome Hoops

* Japanese sword lugs

* Canopus’s “Bolt Tight” leather washers included on each tension rod on all drums. ( Two leather washers with a metal washer in between keeps the tension rod from loosening and also isolates the hoop and bringing out the low end of the shell – (they work ))