DS Rebel Custom Shell Set 22/12/16 in ‘Multicolour sparkle over Black’

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Prachtige DS Drums Rebel Custom Hybrid Maple Shell set.

Custom kleur, ‘Multicolour sparkle over black’ ( a.k.a. ‘Discodip’ ;-) )

  • 22x17” BD ((5-ply thick shell, 60 degree on bass drum)
  • 12x7.5” TT( 5-ply standard shell, 45 degree on tom)
  • 16x16” FT (5-ply thick shell, 45 degree on floor tom)

USA Hard Maple + German Beech Hybrid shells


Our classic “Hybrid Maple” create a more robust shell that’s perfect for louder playing situations. It packs a full body sound with controlled sustain. Handcrafted in Italy using a top class Maple & Beech combination, this shell offers a smooth warmth with a hint of brightness that responds effortlessly and allows your playing to really cut through in any musical situation. It’s also a truly versatile drum kit with an awesome tonal range to inspire your playing to new levels of creativity but gives its best in big arenas and louder playing situations. These drums offer an exciting new bearing edge proprietary combination that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities, R1 45 degree on toms, R2 45 degree on floor toms and R2 60 degree on bass drums. They come with our vintage style 2.3mm inward hoops and all 5ply proprietary configuration and Remo Ambassador heads on both sides.

Perfect for live applications.