Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch in ‘Piano Black’

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Just, WOW! <3

  • 22”x16” Bass Drum
  • 10”x7” Tom Tom
  • 12”x8” Tom Tom
  • 14”x12” Floor Tom
  • 16”x14” Floor Tom

Shells (Walnut/Birch):

TT/FT: 6mm, 4ply Birch + 2 inner ply American Black Walnut BD: 8mm, 5ply Birch + 2 inner ply American Black Walnut

The hybrid shell exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the firm and warm of Walnut. This sound is not only punchy, but sweet and mellow. When you beat the drums once, excellent tone is surround you. The Walnut/Birch hybrid shell will make your drum life state of the art.

- Quick-Lock Tom Brackets

- Star-Cast Mounting System

- Swivel-Wing Tom Holder

- Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs

- EVANS® Heads ( G2 2-ply clear batter heads and TAMA Power Craft II 1-ply clear bottom heads )

- Die-Cast Hoops